The Simpsons' 6 Best Cardboard Boxes

At BCS, we love all things cardboard and can’t help but notice when one pops up on the Box. In a series of blog posts, we’re exploring all things box related in pop culture and this time, we’re counting down the best cardboard boxes in the Simpsons to share one of our all-time favourite box moments on TV.  

6. The Mystery Cardboard Box
Homer Goes to College: Season 5, Episode 3
Inspectors arrive at the Nuclear Power Plant as Homer causes a meltdown. Mr Burns tries to rectify the disastrous situation by bribing the inspectors. Smithers offers up a washer and a drier as gifts and Mr Burns provides the inspectors with an opportunity to swap them for whatever is in ‘the mystery box’. The inspectors don’t take the bribe and the audience never finds out what was in the mystery box! 

5. The Box Factory
Bart Gets Famous: Season 5, Episode 12


During a class field trip to a box factory, Bart wanders off to the Chanel 6 broadcasting room nearby. He bumps into Krusty the Clown who offers Bart the chance to say one line in his sketch show. Bart messes his line up and gets more nervous, knocking props over, to which he says, “I didn’t do it”. The catchphrase takes off quickly and propels Bart into fame. The audience become bored of Bart’s catchphrase after a while and he is soon out of the spotlight. At the end of the episode, Marge gives Bart a cardboard box of things she kept from his time as a celebrity.

4. The Cardboard Box Toy
Rosebud: Season 5, Episode 4


Mr Burns misses his childhood teddy bear, Bobo and Smithers wants to get it back for him. He discovers that the Bobo has travelled the world and settled back in Springfield after getting frozen in ice which was sold at the Kwik-E Mart. Homer bought the ice and after finding the teddy bear encased, gave it to Maggie. Mr Burns is desperate to get the bear back and tries to get it back from Maggie. Homer plays with a cardboard box to persuade Maggie to give up Mr Burns’ teddy, Bobo. Homer enjoys playing with the box too much and keeps it for himself. Maggie feels sorry for Mr Burns and gives him the teddy back after he pleads with her. 

3. The Mr Sparkle Box
In Marge we Trust: Season 8, Episode 22

At the dump, Homer finds a box of Mr Sparkle detergent which looks exactly like him. Worried that his face has been copyrighted, he contacts the Japanese company for more information and receives a TV commercial and video which explains how the company made the image of Mr Sparkle. Homer discovers the character is based upon a cross between a fish and a lightbulb, so the resemblance is just a coincidence.

2. Bart’s Box of Inteligence
Lisa the Simpson: Season 9, Episode 17

Lisa worries that she might lose her intelligence in later life after her Grandpa tells her that there is s family gene which makes this happen. He shows her a cardboard box of Bart’s old schoolwork, showing Lisa that Bart used to be smart. She later discovers that the gene only affects the men in the family and her intelligence is fine. 
1. The Cardboard Box Fort
Rome-old and Juli-eh: Season 18, Episode 15


Bart and Lisa con a shipping company into giving them free cardboard boxes and decide to build a fort out of them. The delivery man gets angry and demands the boxes back but Bart thinks he is bluffing. The delivery man turns up with a whole army of delivery people to fight Bart and Lisa for the boxes. The episode has a lot of Lord of The Rings references, with the cardboard box fort fight emulating the battle of Helmsdeep in the Two Towers film. The packaging battle incorporates flying cardboard tubes, cardboard arrows and even cardboard throwing stars!
Working with cardboard boxes can bring out anyone’s inner child, with the ultimate use for boxes being a cardboard box fort. At BCS, we love the idea of a box fort which is why we’ve crowned Bart and Lisa’s fort as our ultimate Simpsons cardboard box. 

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