The DIGITAL-PRINT DP300 is a module compatible with the BOXER BX200 that expands the capacity of this machine to create not just custom boxes, but printed boxes. With the standard box making machine, you can create fully customisable boxes in terms of size and style, but this additional module make the potential for customisation complete. You can create a box with a full design, including packaging instructions and even images.

In-line printing
The DIGITAL-PRINT DP300 is not a seperate machine to the BOXER BX200, but is an additional module added onto the machine. This means that the box isn’t cut and produced by one machine, and then needs to be transferred to a separate process system for printing. Instead, one machine cuts the box, prints on it and produces a complete box ready to be folded and loaded with your product.

The in line capabilities of this module truly make it stand out from the crowd. You reduce manual labour, time and increase efficiency. The DIGITAL-PRINT DP300 saves you money.

Quick-Set Digital Printing
The printing module operates on a simple graphic interface, optimised for the easiest usability and to create clear and crisp images. It functions on an ink jet digital printer with a high resolution 360 dpi. Printed boxes were previously always created using a printing plate.

Digital printing speeds up the whole process and allows the quick reconfiguration of different designs. Printing is now easier than ever, you can create more complex designs, including interesting and dynamic logos and other images.

Flexible and Complete Designs
The Digital-Print module offers fully integrated in-line, single colour print. This superbly engineered addition uses a system of up to four individual, motorised self cleaning print heads to deliver all manner of print requirements.

Custom Printed Boxes
The combination of the DIGITAL-PRINT DP300 module with the BOXER box making machine means that you can create printed boxes in as little quantities as you like. You can even make one individual box. The advantage of the DIGITAL-PRINT DP300 module over its FLEXO-PRINT FP300 counterpart (compatible with other shortrun KOLBUS machines) is that the digital method of printing means that switching design, logo or text is incredibly simple. Rather than having to reconfigure a printing plate, you can simply upload the image to the UI.
Boxes couldn’t be more customised than with the Digital-Print. Create one printed box in one shape and with one design, and then create a whole different box that meets the requirements of a new product or bespoke order. You have complete control over every part of your packaging and box manufacturing process.