Hot Melt: The most efficient way to create finished boxes without the fuss and hassle of a glue gun!

The PRO-MELT PM100 hot melt machine from KOLBUS is an efficient and adjustable gluing solution. It’s a fully compatible module for the Boxer and other KOLBUS AutoBox machines, such as the AutoBox. The Pro-Melt is a faster, more efficient and safer option than using a glue gun to complete your box making process. It saves you up to 50% of gluing costs and is 3 times faster than using a glue gun.

The Gluing Mechanism
The machine functions with a constantly rotating wheel on which the glue is distributed. This creates the perfect mechanism for an even distribution of adhesive, creating a quick and uninterrupted mechanism for the most efficient means of gluing boxes. The machine can be set with varying thicknesses of glue application to best suit the grade of cardboard with which you’re working.

The glue chamber has a fully adjustable temperature control so you can maintain the correct temperature to melt your choice of glue capsules. It works in a range between 0-250 degrees celsius, which enables the melting of all types of glue.

Why is a PRO-MELT PM100 gluing machine better than a Glue Gun?
Glue guns are the traditional way of finishing cardboard boxes, but compared to the PRO-MELT PM100, they are inefficient and laborious. The gluing machine offers the advantage of a consistent and measured amount of glue. It prevents waste and thick layers of glue that ruin the professional finish of your boxes.

The PRO-MELT PM100 also helps you protect the physical health of your staff. Glue guns are often associated with RSI (repetitive strain injuries) from the constant picking up and putting down of the heavy gun. The simple and fast mechanism of the PRO-MELT PM100 minimises this risk and protects your staff from injury.

why use a Hot Melt gluing machine
Using the Pro-Melt gluing machine is simple and has been designed with the user in mind. Fill the chamber with your hot melt glue pellets. This allows the machine to produce a constant supply of glue without you having to constantly resupply it. Set the glue depth guide, which is adjustable according to the type of corrugated cardboard your box is made from, and load your stack of cut boxes onto the finishing table. The rotating glue wheel constantly spins and boxes are simply pushed through the machine in seconds.
The overall gluing process is three times faster than using a glue gun and creates finished boxes in seconds. By minimising waste, saving time and reducing labour, you save money.