If your business involves packing a variety of items into boxes for shipping and the quantities can be as little as a single order per item, then the BCS BOXER is made for you!

This innovative little machine has been designed from the ground up specifically to handle short runs of boxes, quickly, easily, reliably and to take up a fraction of the space you’re currently likely to have allocated to this function. 

Simply load the blank sheets of corrugated, tap in the the desired box style and dimensions required and “boom” out comes your perfectly sized made to order box (actually, it’s a lot quieter than that).

The benefits are obvious 
You’ll need less space because you won’t have to store stock box sizes that usually won’t fit anyway. You’ll save time because you won’t have to hunt down and find an ill fitting box each time, and as your box fits better you’ll even save on in-fill material and shipping costs because you can get more on the van.

Everyone wins - even the environment!

Any box, any size, any time