The DIGI-LITE DL300 is an entry level digital printer module that is compatible with the BOXER BX200.  This invaluable addition to your process simply attaches to the rear of the machine, creating quick, simple, single colour print on the boxes as they exit.

The DIGI-LITE DL300 is fitted with a 70mm print head and operates on a simple touch screen interface from artwork input via a USB port to give ink jet digital printing with a high resolution 180 dpi. Printed boxes were previously always created using a printing plate. Digital printing speeds up the whole process and allows the quick reconfiguration to different designs. Printing is now easier than ever.

Custom Printed Boxes
The addition of the DIGI-LITE DL300 with the BOXER BX200 means that you can create printed boxes in as little quantities as you like. You can even make one individual box. The advantage of the Digital printing over traditional flexographic printing is that switching design, logo or text is incredibly simple. Rather than having to reconfigure printing plates, the computer does the work for you.